Passionately bringing technology advice, education, and empowerment to business and community - like it should always be.

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Jayne McLeod

“Passionately advocating for technology democratisation; Delivering the freedom to communicate. ”

New Ideas

What is Technology Democratisation?

What if all technology was designed to be so logical for beginners that they quickly felt like experts?

Since Gartner first identified this idea as a tech trend in 2019, it is still a relatively new idea. “Democratisation of Technology” refers to giving people quick access to commercial or technical experience without lengthy (and expensive) training.

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Outlined Services

Business and Technology Connectivity and Troubleshooting

Whether it be in person or virtual, Jayne or her team can guide you through a unique configuration of your device to get you up and running quickly.

Jayne’s deep network of connectivity specialists can assist with most connectivity issues.

Business Procurement Advisory

Do you know the  difference between a Print Rent and/or a 

Print Management Program (PRP)?

Jayne can help you carefully procure business equipment that meets your business needs and navigate the contracts that ensue.

Security Advisory Service

Jayne and her team of cyber security professionals can assist with Small-Medium Business or Enterprise level cyber security.

Technology Bids and Tender RFP Advisory

Jayne has extensive experience in technology tenders and RFPs. Security, SLAs, ongoing support and a seamless rollout is her specialty.

Software and Hardware Training and Education

Jayne and her team have a strong passion for education. 

Giving people and community the skills and empowerment they need for their business equipment is paramount to Jayne and the team.

MC and Speaking Engagements

Jayne has years of experience in Sales Coaching, People and Culture, and Mental Health so can present to your team or assist in a team building day.

She has a team of professionals, athletes and entrepreneurs at the ready, and can negotiate their appointment with you and your team.

Jayne is highly trained and accomplished in Business and Social Body Language and can enable teams of any type, for any outcome.

Jayne is also an accomplished presenter available for MC opportunities, charity events and gala nights.

Her wit, comedy and compassion are a heady mix but is well received in previous engagements 

Community Workshops

A least one day a week Jayne commits her time to volunteering. 

Currently Jayne is fashion styling at The Saint Vincent de Paul Society (now Vinne’s Op Shop) each Friday 8am to 5pm in their Tugun Beach store. 

Pop in for a free fashion consultation!

 Contact Jayne to learn more if you’d like to join her in volunteering 

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Latest News

Jayne McLeod Consulting is steadfast in providing excellence to all clients, new and existing. We focus on building long-lasting and trusted relationships through dedicated client care. We value accountability, respect,...

What People Say


I have loved working with Jayne over the last 15 years.

Driving projects and growth plans whilst engaging the key stakeholders delivers the right outcome for all.

Jayne is flexible and willing to tweak projects along the way, enabling the ability to adapt to changing circumstances as they arise.

Jayne’s caring nature delivers a human side to business that has people rowing as one and in the right direction.

It is not business at all costs, Jayne is just as driven by doing the right thing as a bottom line outcome, which ensures integrity underlines the projects Jayne is involved with.

I look forward to the next opportunity to work with Jayne.

Peter Rosenthal

25 year IT Industry Manager

Peter Rosenthal

25 year IT Industry Manager

I have known Jayne McLeod professionally and personally for some time.

Her professionalism and commitment to both clients and her community is highly commendable and inspiring.

Knowing I can call on Jayne anytime to assist me in my business or looking for advice when needed is invaluable. Her problem solving skills have helped us many times over the years we have worked together. 

Justin Jordan

Managing Director and Master Trainer
Jordan Dog Training

Having worked alongside Jayne for close to a decade, I got to know how deep her integrity and commitment to clients ran.

Jayne is not only incredibly smart, but her ability to resolve conflict compassionately really set her apart from the rest.

Clients felt understood and supported with Jayne.

Matthew McNicol

MJM Professional Services

Matthew McNicol

We have worked with Jayne since our company was founded.  During this time, Jayne has been the ultimate professional – she was extremely knowledgeable, always responsive and able to provide a solution to all our needs.  No problem was too difficult and she made things happen!   

Wei-Loong Chen

The Validum Group

I always love working with Jayne as I know her events will be rewarding, successful and a very enjoyable experience. No matter what role she is playing;  either presenter, MC or pulling the strings from the side of stage, she brings warmth, compassion, positivity, and the kind of humour that I have loved to work and collaborate with over the many years we have worked together.

Mark Fenson

Technology Evangelist

Working with Jayne for many years, it is clear she is passionate and dedicated to positive outcomes for her team and their clients.
Jayne’s genuine warmth and energy for solutions, and unique humour, is always a pleasure to deal with.

Gregory Stokes

Print Specialist
Synnex Australia